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How much can one little person eat

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It is only 7:48 am, Shawn has been awake for almost two hours now. He wakes up and is immediately hungry (unfortunately he got that from his mama). He had two bowls of Cheerios for breakfast, yes I actually am brave enough to give a a one and a half year old a bowl of cereal with milk in it. And now he stands at my side, going back and forth to my left side then my right saying “more more more’ as I eat, scratch that, attempt to eat.
I don’t mind that he has a big appetite especially since his older brother Jr eats like a bird most of the time. He is also the least picky eater out of the three kids but I’m wondering how much is too much? Shawn can easily put down three bowls of oatmeal for breakfast! I can’t even eat that much at one time lol I love that my little dude is a chunky monkey but he’s not overweight by any means. Yes he weighs as much as his three year old sister but he’s always been on that side of the spectrum, my other two are my skinny mini’s (as I call them).
So back to the point of this post, what do you consider to be too much or enough for a one and a half year old? Do you put a limit on your kids food intake?

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  • Janessa

    My 2 yo eats like this too and his 3 yo sister is a skinny minnie. I only limit intake on things like junk food. If he’s eating veggies and fruit and things like oatmeal that are good for him, I generally let him fill himself up.

  • Shana

    Yeah Shawn is our youngest and I think he has by far the biggest appetite out of the three of them. Still waiting for it to slow down though lol

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