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Is there anybody in there??? Sorry Pink Flloyd reference. Here I sit, 1:19 am and wide awake. I decided to treat myself and have a little drink. One once in a while can’t hurt right??? I realized today, yes it took me 26 years years, that I am too hard on myself. I can’t help it. It’s who I am BUT I am going to try and change that. I need to work my ass out and get some better self esteem and not beat myself up over every little thing that doesn’t go right in my life. I feel as though it’s all my fault even though I know it’s not.
Random thought, I love my family more then anything. I would do or give up anything for them. They are my world. I am so blessed to have three healthy and beautiful children and an amazing husband that asks me to open up and vent to him. He listens to me and cares and he will just hold me when I want to be held. I am so glad I have him, he is my rock and I love him so much.
Okay I think that’s enough random ramblings for tonight. I’m sure I could go on but I don’t know if you want to know everything 😉

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  • HopelesslyDevine

    YAY I am glad you are starting to see what everyone else sees. At least part of it. You are too hard on yourself. Soon you will see the beautiful person we all see!

  • Tena

    Just remember to take baby steps, one day at a time!I am here if you ever need to vent, cry, or share a drink with. HA HA HA{{{ gentle hugs }}}

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