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Fun in the sun

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Today was eventful to say the least. We only have one car seeing as my husband had school at 11:00 and my daughter had a Dr appointment at 10:00 I grabbed the double stroller and the kids and I went for a walk to the Dr’s office. As soon as we entered our driveway I stopped in my tracks and dug through my purse, freaking out cause there were no keys in there. That’s right, my husband had left for school and my house keys were sitting on the kitchen table. Sooooo not cool! I called my husband three times but he was already in class. It was already passed Shawns nap time and with Samantha still having occasional accidents I was not looking forward to spending two hours outside.
Thank goodness the condominiums office was open so I could let Sam use the potty. After about an hour playing outside I was starving. I hadn’t eaten yet and it was noon. So I said screw it, lets go to Jack in the Box, almost two miles away. So I packed the kids in the stroller again and headed out. I am so glad this didn’t happen in the dead of Summer or I might have died LOL We finally got home about 1:20. Enough time for me to change the baby, put him down for a nap and run right back out the door to pick my oldest up from school.
So it was a bit of an eventful day, also one to remind me to always make sure I have my keys when I leave the house. Even if my husband is home, they will be glued to my side.
But all in all it was a good day. Tiring yes but the kids had fun and that in itself puts a smile on my face.

Silly little girl was hiding from me but she couldn’t stop giggling (I’m so bummed the camera didn’t focus on her)
Shawn was completely engrossed by this spiked “ball”
My baby looks so BIG here (waaaaaah)
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  • Hattie

    Wow you got a great work out today! Love,Love,Love your little guys hair!

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