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Agent Magic Investigates a fun interactive children’s app

I was provided an ecode to facilitate my review.
FINALLY a fun interactive family friendly iPad app for children! Seriously I cannot tell you how long I have been on the hunt for an affordable children’s  app that my kids will enjoy using and actually learn something from. Yeah there are tons of non education apps out there for our children but finding a truly educational, fun, and interactive app is not as easy as it sounds. Let me introduce you to Agent Magic Investigates Punky Dunk & the Goldfish by FamLoop

My youngest totally photobombed his sister LOL
My daughter drew those strawberries in this screen shot.
Agent Magic is the cute little mouse (you see him on the screen n the pictures above) who takes you through the story and all of the interactive parts to the app. Consider him like your guide through the story. 
Let me name off a few things my daughter and I love about this app.
1. It keeps the kids attention! 
2. Recording the kids voices so they can hear their answers…pure genius. I think that may be one of my daughters favorite things about this app.
3. Creating their own detective badges
4. Being able to draw to answer questions and having your answers be incorporated into the story

5. The app brings the kids into the story instead of just reading the story. 

My absolute favorite part about this app? Everything. No really combine our list above and that is why I love this app for my kids. By bringing the kids into the story and making them a part of it you capture their attention and bring out their imagination. FamLoop refers to this type of story telling as dialogic reading. When I first saw that I had no idea what it meant so I looked it up. The definition of dialogic reading is “Making reading a story into an interactive experience by asking simple questions and talking about the pictures in a storybook”. FamLoop does this perfectly with  Agent Magic Investigates because where other apps may ask the questions, heck even children’s shows do it (Dora the Explorer ring a bell?) with  Agent Magic Investigates the kids get to hear themselves after they answer the question. This may not seem like a big deal but for little one’s knowing they were heard and being acknowledged, even if my an electronic device is big, especially while learning!

My final thoughts….at $2.99 this app is a steal and a must have for your children. My five year old and my six year old both love it so I think it’s safe to say between 4 and 7 is a good age range. There are so many beneficial things to this app that I and my kids love that I think any child that loves to learn will love as well. 

Technology is something we use every day as adults, whether it be a cell phone, a tablet, a desktop PC or a laptop, most of us will use at least one these throughout the day. We use them in front of our kids therefore it is a part of our childrens lives as well. I encourage you to allow your children the opportunity to use these divides as well but more for the learning experiences as opposed to games with no educational value for them. 

Disclosure: I was provided I was provided an ecode to purchase this app to facilitate my review.
No other compensation was made. All thoughts and opinions stated above are my own.

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