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Clothes shopping for children

For me half the enjoyment of clothes shopping for my little’s is getting home and trying it all on them. There are so many cute styles out there it can be overwhelming sometimes so I tend to keep it simple and not go overboard. Sometimes that is a little easier said then done, especially if you are shopping with all of your kids so just remember if things seem to be going haywire you can always come back OR you can shop online. 
Sometimes you can get a better deal if you shop online. Many retailers will offer a special discount only good online. And keep your eye out for free shipping offers. If they are running a free shipping offer remember that you can still use an online coupon in addition to the regular promotions going on. 
I took my son shopping out here a few weeks ago and was quite unimpressed with the selection of boys clothes. We did manage to get a new wardrobe but that was after visiting four separate stores. So to avoid the hassle of running all over the place for my daughter I looked online. 
My go to place was The Children’s Place and it just so happened that they were having a free shipping promotion so I knew I would at least be getting the same price as I would in the stores minus the cost of gas. Some of the best times for clothes shopping is as retailers are bringing in new seasonal looks because the prior seasons looks will all be on markdown. Because of this I got items that were normally 15-20% more and I also had a 15% off coupon.
I even snagged this adorable backpack for only $10.80 after their regular sale and coupon. I saved $6.15. We also got the matching lunchbox that I saved $2.88 on.
Here’s a breakdown of what I saved:
Six shirts normally $10.50 each received for $5.10 each 
Lunchbox normally $7.95, received for $5.07
Backpack normally $16.95, received for $10.80
Pintuck shirt normally $19.95, received for $10.20
Two jeans normally $14.00 each, received for $10.20 each
Scarf normally $8.95, received for $5.10
Total savings over $62.00
And that’s not counting the free shipping. 
Now while the wait for the items to come by mail can be hard, especially if you are one of little patience (like I tend to be sometimes) but one thing I have to say about The Children’s Place is they are awesome at getting orders out ASAP. We received our order only four days after placing it online. Told you, awesome! And what fun would it be to look at all these new clothes without having a mini fashion show put on by my daughter. 
So without further ado I would like to welcome baby girl modeling some of her new clothes.

This is my favorite outfit, I think it’s hers too. Can you tell she loves scarfs

Little man wanted to get in on some of the action 
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