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Disney’s Brave Review

Ever since I first heard word that Disney was going to be creating a new kind of Princess movie I knew I wanted to see it. First off, I am a huge Disney fan. Second, what’s not to love about introducing a new type of Princess. One who is strong, independent, maybe slightly stubborn, and one who wants to be in control of her destiny. Personally I think it’s awesome. Now I am not knocking the other Disney Princess characters, I think they are all great but I really loved the idea of bringing in some change.

My family and I had the privilege of attending a screening of the movie Brave a few days ago. I don’t know who was more excited, my daughter or me. It may have been me LOL. I was a little worried that my youngest might not be too interested since the main character is a girl (he’s really into super heros right now) but I think he enjoyed the movie. In fact this morning he said he wanted to see the movie again. My daughter absolutely loved it. It was too cute for words to look over and see my baby girl laughing at the funny scenes and at the others she had a perma smile plastered on her face. Now I did hear from a few others that there were some scary scenes in it but I don’t think they are anything to be concerned about if you’re thinking of dismissing the movie just for those few scenes. Neither my five year old or my four year old made a fuss about it.

I will try not to give away too much info in this quick breakdown of the characters. They were all great in their own way. The star Merida was headstrong, fearless and she has this thirst for life that is unquenchable. Her Mother Queen Elinor was torn between doing what was expected and not wanting to hurt her daughter. Her Father King Fergus was hilarious. He seemed like the type to find humor in anything and one who has troubles sticking to the straight faced serious sides of life (I can relate to that hah). The three brothers were too freaking funny. Little mischievous boys which were adorable to watch. And who thought they could be even cuter as bears.

All in all I absolutely loved the movie. I laughed, I cried (shhh I am an emotional person so I tend to cry a lot), I ohhh’d and awwww’d and I would go see it again right now if I could. I’ve already told my daughter we will be buying the movie as soon as it comes out on DVD. It quickly climbed my list of favorite Disney movies. The message behind the movie is one that will touch you, especially if you’re a mother. It will even touch you for being a daughter because lets face it, at one point in our lives there was a time when we didn’t agree with our Moms. Would I recommend this movie, you bet I would! And not just for little girls. I think this is a great movie for kids of all ages, boy or girl.

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