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Brandy tagged me!

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This is a first for me. I’ve been what? Tagged? Like you tag a picture in facebook? Um, well no LOL Brandy over at The Not So Average Mama tagged me in this fun little questionnare. You see she got tagged and had to answer ten questions her friend asked her and now she has tagged me and I get to answer ten questions she asked and then in turn I get to do it to some of my friends. Oh yes, be scared, be veeeery scared. haha totally kidding. But it will be fun to see everyone’s answers and how far this stretches. Kind of like a chain letter back in the days. Okay so here’s the questions Brandy asked little ole mwuah.

1. Did you Graduate High school? I actually left my high school two months before graduation but I refused to end up with anything but a high school diploma so I enrolled myself in home school and graduated a tad later then I was supposed to. But hey I got my high school diploma!

2. What is your favorite book series? Just one! I really enjoy the Night Huntress series, The Immortal Instruments and The Meredith Gentry series.

3. Have you ever stolen anything? Who hasn’t. lol The answer to that would be yes. I used to a lot back in middle school and a little bit of High School. Never anything huge, just like little pieces of jewelery from hot topic :X

4. Have you ever been arrested? No

5. What movie scared the crap out of you? Don’t laugh at me. Jurassic Park. Hey I said don’t laugh! I do not like any type of science fiction that in my mind can one day come true. Who cares that it could be 200 years down the line and I wont be around. The simple fact that it might be able to come true scared the crap out of me. I still wont watch that movie.

6. What is your favorite kids show? Phineas and Ferb. I love how creative those kids are and their sister is always trying to get them in trouble and not succeeding. Cracks me up every time. Oh and they should totally bring back Fraggle Rock!

7. What is one thing you would love to change about yourself? Besides the obvious stomach bulge, thunder thighs and ghetto booty. Well, I would change how I always try to please others before myself. It is okay to say no and I just don’t know how.

8. Are you where you expected yourself to be? Actually yes. I always wanted to be a mommy and all the little dreams I had of “careers” were very short lived except that I knew I would become a mom one day and that would be the best thing ever.

9. If you could live anywhere, where? Right here in California. I love living here, it’s just so dang expensive. But to be more specific I would be in Huntington Beach if I could.

10. What was your dream career? When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then when I found out there was actual blood involved sometimes and surgery I quickly nixed that. I would love to be a professional photographer now. I just need some classes and to learn to use my camera to it’s full potential.

And now for my questions.

1. What is you all time favorite movie?
2. What is a place that you’ve always wanted to visit?
3. How many hours do you spend online? (Be honest LOL)
4. What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
5. Do you get along with your family?
6. If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?
7. What was the best present you’ve ever received?
8. What is your favorite season?
9. Would you ever go skydiving?
10. What is your favorite dessert?

Okay now it’s my turn to pass this along. My tags are:

Gena @Fairytales & Puppy Dog Tails
Jenny @ Fun Times with the Gatton Family
Tara @ Through Hazel Eyes
Janessa @ Life is a Zoo
Kim @ Mentally Inked

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