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Monday is here, yay. I know it’s not a yay for most people but Steve is off on Mondays so it’s yay for me. Steve has been sick but he’s been getting a horrible pain in his chest. He went to the Dr today. A lot of help they were. They took x-rays and blood tests but gave him no answers as to what could be wrong or if he has a virus. Nothing. That pisses me off. He’s worried. He thinks something is wrong. Now my husband can be a bit of a hypocondriact but I still don’t like seeing him worried.
My oldest baby is going to be FIVE in 5 days, ack. How did it go by so quickly??? The boy knows how to push my buttons but I love him so much. I am so glad and honored to have him as my son. He is a very good boy and loves his family. I say this and he and Samantha are playing and all I hear is giggles 🙂
We still have a bit of the sickies over here. The kids still have coughs but that’s it. It sucks cause all they want to do is play but the more they play the more they cough and then have problems breathing. Have you ever tried to get a two year old and a five year old to stop playing and having fun??? Not easy!
Okay gotta run and give baths. Samantha is covered in spaghetti sauce.