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Aetna Healthy Food Fight

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Eating healthy is not always easy to do. With the cost of organic foods, finding time to cook healthy meals. getting picky eaters to eat said meals. Yeah it can be a struggle sometimes but it is still something may strive for. And for me personally I feel that it’s worth the extra time, effort and money just to feed my family food that is good for them and not cave and order the occasional fast food. While it may be tasty and an “easy way out” it is not healthy for you.
Aetna has teamed up with She Speaks to help spread the word about the Healthy Food Fight campaign. The entire site is dedicated to making healthy food choices. There is even a recipe section and tips on how to get you to achieve a healthy lifestyle. To kick off the second year of the campaign they are hosting a Food Fight Challenge. 
Have a healthy recipe that you’ve created? Want to share that recipes with like minded people while entering a contest that may end you in the semi finals and have a cook off? I thought you might like the sound of that. You can either submit a healthy recipe and/or vote for a recipe here.  And if you are one of the four lucky finalists this will be an opportunity of a lifetime. You will get to compete in front of world renowned chef Bobby Flay and a few VIP judges. What’s the prize you ask, the winner of the Final Cook-off will receive a grand prize of $10,000 worth of groceries (donated by It just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it.
So what are you waiting for? Go enter! It’s pretty simple really. Just select the region you would like to compete in, register at Healthy Food Fight and submit your recipe. There will be a Healthy Recipe Analyzer just to confirm that the recipe is in fact healthy (pretty neat if you ask my). After it’s approved share your heart out about your submission! Submitting opened on August 22nd for the Pomona, CA region. The Dallas, TX region opened today, September 1st. Atlanta, GA submissions open on September 9th and the Philadelphia, PA submissions open on September 23rd.
I submitted Unstuffed Bell Peppers. A favorite of mine and since the kids aren’t always gungho about a big bell pepper sitting in front of them I improvised and came up with this dish. If you want to try it out here’s my submission . If you like it I would love if you would vote for me. Also if you submit a recipe please share so I can go vote for you!

To help spread even more awareness about this awesome campaign there will be a twitter party hosted by She Speaks on September 15th @ 8:00pm EST. They will be doing a recipe swap. Now I don’t know about you but a twitter party involving recipes is a win win.  Be sure to follow @shespeaksup and the #SSFoodFight hashtag.  
*I wrote this post while participating in the SheSpeaks Aetna Healthy Food Fight campaign*
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