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A week of Thanksgiving-My baby girl

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This week Andrea over at Lil Kid Things is doing a special meme for this week, A Week of Thanksgiving. 
Here is a little tidbit explaining more:
This post is part of {a week of thanksgiving}, the week long series dedicated to giving thanks. Topics can be anything from the super-serious to light-hearted and fun. If you wish to join in, feel free to use my thanksgiving writing prompts or freestyle. Then just link up your post each day and read another one or two. This is going to be good.”

Today is the perfect day to be starting this week of thanksgiving. Today is my daughters birthday and what a better way to start off a week of giving thanks then with my daughter. 
I have always wanted a daughter. I knew when I was little that I wanted to be a mommy and that I wanted a little girl, a princess to play dress up with, do her hair, play barbies, have tea parties with and to have one of those mother daughter relationships that everyone wished they had with their mother. 
Five years ago my baby girl was born.
Five years ago our family turned from three into four.
This little bundle of joy has continued to bring joy into our lives and hearts every day with her smiles, hugs, kisses and beautiful personality. 
I am thankful to be called her mother. 
I am thankful she is a healthy little girl. 
I am thankful for her over pouring of love for her family. 
I am thankful for her bubbly personality, her passion for learning and her sensitive nature. 
I am thankful for her!

Happy fifth birthday my little Mantha Pantha, I love you with all my heart my baby girl.
If you’d like to participate in a Week of Thanksgiving head on over to Lil Kid Things to link up.

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