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A week of Thanksgiving-I am thankful for time

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Today has been a hard day. I received some devastating news early this morning and the day has been filled with a lot of tears. I feel guilty planning Thanksgiving with my family tomorrow while so many people I know and love are hurting. 
I know Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks but tomorrow I will also be dedicating it to someone special, even though we weren’t family (yet), she never treated us with anything but open arms, love and as if we were family. 
Through the tears and sadness today I have realized that time is short and never guaranteed. So today I am thankful for time.
The time that I spend cuddling with my kids. Like right now I sit here typing this with my baby girl laying on my lap.
The few minutes before I go to bed that I sneak into my kids rooms and watch them sleep
Special days that I get to spend some quality one on one time with each child
Those few minutes before the kids wake up when I just sit and drink my coffee, it’s a great time to reflect on the days passed.
Play time! Love play time with the kids, whether it be barbies, legos or coloring. Just watching their faces light up makes my heart swell.
The rare times my children fall asleep in my arms or on me. Even better I am having one of those moments right now since my daughter just fell asleep on me.
The time that I do have on this earth, each and every minute I feel blessed to be here and able to experience it all!
This post is dedicated to Lisa, I love you and you have been in my prayers all day. I am thankful for the time we were able to spend together, even though it wasn’t a lot I know that you are an amazing person that touched everyone you have met. I am praying for a miracle right now for you.
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