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You are my sunshine

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My only sunshine. You make me HAPPY when sky’s are grayyou’ll never know dear how much I LOVE you

please don’t take my sunshine away

My Grandma used to sing this song to me when we would stay the night at their house. She would always sing it to me as she was waking me up. It was such a pleasant way to wake up and a memory I will never forget.
As I was laying in bed last night the memory randomly popped into my head. I wish my kids could have that kind of a relationship with my Grandparents. It’s hard because they now live in Vegas. We (my family) are trying to get them to move back to California because their health is deteriorating. It breaks my heart to know they are so far away and in my case I can’t go see them. My mom has pretty much been their care taker the passed four months but they have also been coming out to CA every few weeks and staying with my mom at her house, but they miss their independence and are back in Vegas. My Grandpa has cancer and my Grandmas Alzheimer’s is advancing fast. It makes me very thankful for all the time we got to spend together while I was growing up. I have so many fond memories that include them and I am so happy that right now I can continue that and that hopefully my children with retain some of the memories they have had with them also.

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