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Wordless Wednesday-Not your ordinary family

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I am in an odd kind of mood today and I just realized about an hour ago that it’s Wednesday and not Tuesday.  On the plus side that means were one day closer to the weekend. Down side, I am mentally a day behind hence this post going up late. In a mad rush for getting this post up I went on the hunt for silly pictures of my kids for today’s Wordless Wednesday. And HELLO WW peeps! It’s been a while.

I remembered on our last hoorah my daughter cracking up while in the pool because of her hair. It was such a funny moment I knew I had to include this picture.

And this one makes me laugh every time I see it. He kept asking to be thrown into the pool but this was the only shot I got of it. I just love how he almost looks like he is sitting.

I take full responsibility for this. I used to try and get my baby sister to go cross eyed at a baby and some way some how I thought it would be funny to see if my daughter could go cross eyed. You think it worked? Yeah ever since about a year ago she now goes crossed eyed on her own and darn her for making me laugh while she does it.

My big boy being brave and sliding into the water! I love how big his cheeks are from holding his breath. And it makes me giggle that his eyes are closed. Still working on getting over his fear of water but this….this is awesome for him.

I think I found some winners here…what say you?

For more inspiring photos be sure to check out:

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