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Wordless Wednesday-Completely random

I had planned on this weeks Wordless Wednesday being completely wordless (seeing as I can’t seem to do a completely wordless post) but as I sat down this morning to decide which photo to use I realized that my Lightroom gallery was empty. Completely empty, not a single photo in there. Nada. And to top it off I cannot access any photos on our server from my laptop. Will.not.panic. Must.remain.calm. Wooosaaaaa.

So in the mean time all I have are some photos from last week that I put on Facebook.

My boys at the park. My oldest is not a big swing lover so just that he sat with his brother so they could swing together completely melts my heart.

Random sunrise photo with our local oil rig. It makes me giggle that they put trees around it attempting to make it “pretty” since they are building homes right behind it. Still some might see as an eye sore but now I am actually starting to enjoy the view. Makes it feel a little bit country.

Now excuse me while I go wake my husband and have a mini freak out session.

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