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Wordless Wednesday-A week in review picture style

I haven’t taken my camera out for a little while but I’ve been snapping photos with my phone like crazy. I love technology. So here is a little peek into our life over the last week.

 I somehow managed to get a photo of not one but two butterflies
 With 80 degree weather you have to pull out the pool
 And of course we can’t forget weekly trips to the park!
 And because it’s early morning and I like to torture people share my creations, I give you egg sandwich, healthy and completely filling.
 Oh look more torture. Mushroom chicken, this was AMAZING! And again healthy. 

  I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.
 Gross yes but kind of neat to look at, as long as it’s not in my house
 It may be a bit hard to see but there is water at the base of the plant
 I love sunflowers, they’re wild yet vibrant and beautiful
And last but not least, last nights creation for dinner

There you have it, a review of our week through photos. I think my favorite part of this passed week has been watching the kids smiling faces while either at the park or playing in the water. What was your favorite part of last week? 

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