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Wordless Wednesday-A beautiful sight

This morning started off with a bang. Somehow my after I snoozed my alarm it went into silent mode so when it went off again there was not a single noise being made to actually wake me up! It wasn’t until 7:19 when my youngest came strolling in that I jumped out of bed. As we rushed to get out the door and get my oldest to school I noticed the sunrise and ran back inside to get my camera. 
I know you’re probably shaking your head at me. No worries, I would did to but it’s something deep wired in me, if I see something spectacular I have to get my camera, running late or not. So enough talking, this is supposed to wordless after all.

Now I am no weather specialist so I will not make any claims as to what that thing is coming from the cloud that looks like the beginnings of a cyclone, I will say it was really neat to see it though.

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