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Wordless Wednesday

I lied, this isn’t wordless, it turned into my not so wordless wednesday post. 
My kids LOVE when I make them smoothies. No I’m not talking about the unhealthy ice cream one’s. While they are yummy I am not that crazy to feed that to my kids in the morning LOL. I make mine with fresh and frozen fruits. This time I asked my oldest what kind he would like and he said blueberry. So blueberry it is, well at least it was the main ingredient. I must have dumped well over a cup and a half worth in there. I also added in some peaches and banana. Oh and of course the apple juice.

 All the kids were saying how loud the blender was so I looked back & this is what I saw.
Jr plugging his ears
 Mantha covering hers (this picture cracks me up cause this barely even looks like her to me)
And little man….being different by covering his eyes LOL
The finished product
They gulped it down within five minutes and then were asking for more. I try to do smoothies at least once a week. It’s something sweet for the kids so they love it and I don’t feel bad giving it to them and if there’s some left over I get some too LOL