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Where Do You Go When It’s Time For Escape?

Jessica from Kick in the blog asked her readers the other day Where Do You Go When It’s Time For Escape?
My initial thoughts were I run far far away. Getting some inspiration from Forest Gump there. If you can’t tell I am a bunch of randomness and sarcasm when I am initially thinking out answers in my head. So now onto the real answer.
A book is my first and preferred escape. When I need some me time I can always find that while reading a book. I am the type that gets completely involved while reading. Sometimes it literally feels like I am in the story and there is no one else around me that can disturb me. So it’s best for me to read while the kids are asleep. That being said it is still my favorite way to escape.
Another way I escape is through music. I play it loud, and when I mean loud I mean where you feel it in your chest loud. One of the best parts about listening to music is that my kids will escape with me into my/our little world of lets dance like a fool and not care because were awesome like that. And it is awesome. It usually brings out lots of laughter and smiles and you can’t beat that. 
The bathroom. Yes I will go to the bathroom sometimes if I feel things might get a little out of hand (emotionally) and sit by myself for five minutes and just breath. And you know what it helps. Some people might laugh or scoff but go try it and come back here and tell me how you feel after doing it. Five minutes may not seem like a long time but when you are sitting by yourself concentrating on your breathing it will feel like so much longer and the relief felt after doing it is tremendous. 
Those are my top three ways to escape. What are yours?
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