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What do you dream?

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That’s right another great question from the amazing Jessica over at Kick in the Blog. This weeks question
“What’s your dream? 
Is it for you? 
For your kids? 
Can it come true?
Do you even really want it to?”
I LOVE this question. Love love. You know why? Because not many people think about their dreams. Sure they have them but they may feel they are completely out of range and just give up. This questions asks you to stop and take the time to think about it. 

So here we go. For the longest time my dream was to have a home to raise my family in. Ever since I became a mom that’s what it had been and you know what I am living that dream. Things were not always easy and believe me our rough times were rough but here we are, almost eight years after becoming a family and we finally have a home. A real home, not just a rental. A house that is ours, to raise our family, to make lasting memories in. That dream is here right now. 
So now since I/we are living that dream I want to talk about my other dream. Photography. I love photography but I want to learn all about it. I want to learn how to properly use a camera, all the settings, different lenses, how to use it to it’s full potential. And when I accomplish that I want to take pictures of nature. Flowers, rain, lightening, tornado’s, you name it I want to shoot it. I also want to travel around the country and capture as much as I can of all the different areas I visit. Including the people, the land, the food, the culture and well, everything about my experience while visiting. 
Is this dream for your kids? Well yes and no. Yes because I would love for my children to be traveling with me and getting all the same experiences that I would be getting. Can you imagine, living in a RV traveling the world and documenting everything that you come across. That would be truly amazing. I also say no because Photography is a passion/love of mine BUT it is a love that I also want to share with my children.
Can it come true? Well I know I can educated myself, it takes time and money. Both of which aren’t always readily available but I know it just takes commitment and that I can do. The traveling I am not sure if it can come true. But I do live in an area with all different types of weather so I WILL make photographing nature!
Do I want it to come true? Absofreakinlutely!

If you could use some inspiration why not head over to Kick in the Blog and participate in this weeks prompt. Then link up so we can read about your dreams!

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