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Well pneumonia it is

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I knew as soon as Shawn woke up yesterday he was feeling much worse. He had a temp of 101 and you could just see it in his eyes he wasn’t feeling well. His breaths were short and crackly. After three phone calls to the Dr’s I finally got him in at 5:30pm. The Dr couldn’t believe how he went from ok to so bad. He even has a double ear infection too. He got a dose of prednisone, a shot of roceferin and a breathing treatment while we were there. When the Dr looked at his chest x-ray he immediately said that’s not right. He said he thinks his lung has collapsed! After several calls to radiologists he came back and said he actually has upper right lobe pneumonia. The right lung is separated into three lobes. The top lobe of his right lung is filled with fluid. So he is treating him aggressively he progressed so quickly and so we don’t have to spend Christmas in the hospital. So we were sent home with two more meds and we are continuing the breathing treatments every four hours. Today we are going back so Shawn can get his second dose of roceferin and to see how he’s reacting to the meds. He has more energy which is good but still no appetite and barely drinking. Also his fever is down to 100.

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  • Cat@3KidsandUs

    Oh my gosh, poor little guy. How’s he feeling now?

  • Shana

    So much better! He is back to his normal destructive self lol Thanks for asking Cat 🙂

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