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Water day!

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This week is full of all kinds of fun things, well for the kids that is lol More specifically the kids at Jr’s school. Yesterday was water day, today was music day and tomorrow is pj/game day. It’s so neat for them (the teachers) to be doing all of this for the kids. It just makes the school year all that more special for them. Also today Jr came home from school with a present from his teacher. She gave him a book, how sweet is that! I’m kind of sad that tomorrow is his last day of school. I know in the beginning of the school year I wasn’t pleased that Jr was being transferred out of his class and into a new one because the class sizes are were too large but in the end I am happy that it was done. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for him. She pushed him when he needed to be pushed and helped when he struggled. And now he will be moving up to first grade when 8 months ago we weren’t sure if that was going to happen.
Back to water day. Myself along with another students mom were in charge of a group of eight kids. The teachers set up 14 water stations, each with a different activity. It was a lot of fun watching and helping the kids. They all had a blasty blast.Here are a few pictures of my little man enjoying his day.

During the potato race, we squirted them with water bottles while they were racing lol

Soaking wet and having a blast!
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