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Tuesday Tunes-The era of mixed tapes

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Making a mixed tape is not something we hear very often anymore. Those days are long gone, which is a darn shame because seriously what better way to tell your girlfriend I have the hots for you then with a tape filled with songs about being sexy. The 90’s were an awesome time!

Continuing with Amandas nostalgia theme I dug through my nightstand and pulled out the tape my husband, then boyfriend made me back in 1997. It was the first mixed tape he made me and I promised him I would never loose it. Fifteen years later I still have it. I have made sure it stays in my nightstand so it would always be close. For someone who is notorious for loosing everything I think I’ve done pretty darn awesome that I still have it. Yay me.

So today I am sharing a few, some who am I kidding. I am sharing a lot of songs off the mixed tape that my husband made me many moons ago.

Side A Song #2: Think of Me by Good Riddance

Side A Song #7 Smile by Lagwagon

Side A Song #25 Hazardous to yourself by No Use for a Name

Side B Song #5 Skin Deep by Guns N Wankers

Side B Song #22 Gotta pull myself together by Hi-Standard

Side B Song #21 Andrea by MXPX

I will stop now so I don’t completely bombard you with my songs of the past. I really love going back and revisiting things of the past, music especially. It always brings up great memories for me. What songs bring back great memories for you?

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