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I know we haven’t been busy but I feel like we have been. Yesterday we brought over bratts, turkey sausage and turkey dogs to bbq at my parents. I made a mac and cheese casserole and baked beans. And fed my dad and sister. Then today we went over there and brought pizza. We also went to the library today to get some specific books and of course they didn’t have the one’s I wanted 🙁 But Steve and the kids got books. And bad bad mommy and daddy. I cannot believe we freaking forgot all about Jr’s soccer practice! I’ve never done that before. I feel so bad.
Okay random, Jr just told Steve that he wants mommy and daddy to go to bed so he can pay for stuff on the video game…lol
Anywho, so yeah I feel tired like we’ve been doing a bunch but we really haven’t. We had our car fixed from the little fender bender Steve got into. The estimator came out and gave us a quote for 570 bucks. I thought that low. They gave us a mini van for a week! I was soooooooooo in heaven. No having to climb into the back of a two door car just to get the kids buckled in. But we had to give it back yesterday 🙁 My mom asked how we liked having our car back yesterday and Steve and I answered at the same time. But his answer was he loves it and mine was I hate it…lol. Seriously I hate our car. It kills my back just putting the kids in there and it is such a pain in the ass. When I have the car I avoid going places because I don’t want to have to put them in the car.
Okay enough complaining, I’m off to catch some zzz’s.

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