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Life right now is hectic. It may not seem that way for those that see me on a regular basis but inside I am going just a little bit crazy. We are moving soon. Really soon and it just hit me today that this is really happening. Don’t get me wrong I’ve known for a few months that this was real but the full extent of it has hit me and I may or may not be slightly emotional over it all. Right about now I am entering “freak out” mode. You remember the scene in The Exorcist when her head spins around?
Yeah that one. That’s kind of how I am seeing myself right now, except on the inside. LOL Okay all kidding aside (sorry I had to, that movie just cracks me up) I think it’s more the stress of what we are about to embark on and my worries of how every thing will affect the kids.
We have moved quite a bit in the passed few years. Eleven times in nine years to be exact. And no we are not military. For a while there it seemed to be our thing. But thankfully we have been where we are now for three years. In those three years my children have become very close to my family and taking them away from that worries me. We wont be able to just hop in the car and drive over there. Sure there will be phone conversations which trust me, I know how much those help but I still worry. I try not to stress over it to much because it’s not something that should consume me and I know we will deal with it, if it ever comes up.
So enough of the down side. On the up side.
I went and visited OU for my first time. Let me just start by saying the campus is absolutely GORGEOUS. So many of the buildings are built in the old time Gothic architecture which I find stunning. While we were there we went to the student store, I mean really, who goes to visit a college campus without buying some kind of memorabilia right! As soon as I saw this I couldn’t help but burst into laughter and of course I had to take a picture.
Boooo on Texas, yay Oklahoma. Okay maybe my football pride needs some work but it’s a start and since I have been informed that once we move we HAVE to become Sooner fans I will work on my football trash talking.
My husband says the library is beyond amazing. I cannot wait to go check that out on our next visit. The town is definitely different then any of the other places we have lived. It reminds me of DFW area but on a much smaller small town feel kind of scale.
I mean come on, isn’t that just beautiful! And that was inside town.
I am excited to be starting this new adventure in life with my husband and children. There will be an adjustment period but as we all know with moves that is normal. So bring on the boxes (I haven’t even started packing yet, ahhh) and come forth moving truck. I will tackle you and conquer this move and bring nothing but joy on our new adventure.

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