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The sickies

Have hit my house full blown, again! Shawn has been sick for a week now, Sam followed four days later and Jr yesterday. All running temps from 100-103. And Samantha has thrown up a couple times. Not a lot, I think from the excess mucous. And now Steve is sick. So far I’m the only healthy one (knock on wood) which leaves me to take care of everyone. It’s been a rough week cause Shawns coughing is worse at night. So any get well vibes anyone wants to share we would love some 🙂
Thanksgiving was nice. We went over to my bil Paul’s parent house. They are just the nicest people ever. So welcoming and loving. They loved seeing the kids. We haven’t seen them in over two years so it was their first time seeing Samantha and Shawn. We had a really fun visit with my sil Heather and bil Paul. Makes me miss living right down the street from them. Maybe one of these years we’ll be able to live near each other again.

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