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The Polka Dot Tot Spot

I won a gift certificate on Just For Me and You to The Polka Dot Tot Shop. When I first saw her site I was in love with her clothes! Heather has the most adorable little girls skirts there along with many other items like pants, cloth play blocks, Easter eggs, fabric cards and more. I knew instantly what I wanted from her site. She contacted me right away about my blog win and me being new to costum made clothes I didn’t know what information to give her LOL She was very nice and explained what information she needed in order to process my order. My son ended up with pneumonia and I felt horrible but wasn’t able to respond to one of her emails because I left out one measurement. She said it was no problem and went ahead and guesstimated based on the other measurements I gave her and mailed my daughters skirt out! We received the skirt last night and I am so pleased with how well it turned out. It fits her PERFECTLY! I had to take some pictures just because seriously, this skirt is beyond cute.

Go take a look at her site, I promise you will love what she has! The Polka Dot Tot Shop

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