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The fun things to do with hair

I love hair. Maybe I should be more specific. I love my kids hair. I love doing my daughters hair in little bows and pig tails and clips and headbands. I love it all. Now Shawns hair is, well it’s freaking awesome! I cannot say this enough, I LOVE his curls. I think they totally go along with his wild and crazy personality and it’s just part of who he is.
Bath time is one of his favorite times. He runs to the bathroom panting like a dog and saying “bafff, bafff, BAFFF” LOL So while he sits there and enjoys the running water I mess around with his hair. While I was giving him a bath tonight I wondered how many different ways I could do his hair before he got annoyed. Tonight’s lucky number would be….4. Didn’t get too many but hey at least I got pics.

Okay now this picture seriously cracks me up. The water got cold for a second and he started to shiver. It was like in slow mo starting at his toes working it’s way up and this was the face he made. I can’t believe I actually caught it on camera. He’s so gonna hate this picture when he is older.
And my favorite. My sweet baby boy and his curls 🙂

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