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Sunset Sunday-Beauty divine

While going through old pictures for last weeks Sunset Sunday post I came across a photo that I had completely forgotten about. 
This photo was taken in 2009, that seems to be a popular year for me and sunset photos. I had taken the kids to VBS and my youngest and I waited out in the car while the older two were in having a blast. Just before class was out I happened to look over my shoulder and notice the pink whispy clouds blowing by and thought “this would make a neat photo”. To my surprise the photos came out even better the I imagined because the church and surroundings were completely shadowed against the bright sky. I just love when all the element come together to make a great photo, don’t you?

Craig and I have teamed up to help spread the word of Sunset Sundays. We would love it you would join us and link up your sunset photos!
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