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Sunrise-Sunset Sunday

This week I am doing something slightly different. I am adding in a picture of a sunrise in addition to my sunset picture. Sunrises are equally magnificent as sunsets and so not celebrate them right along with a sunset.
A beginning and an end in one place. 
Since my computer and I are not seeing eye to eye this morning I am posting the only pictures I can access right now, and because of that they are of two different states.
The first picture is a sunrise over my old home in California. We had the perfect viewing area for sunrises because there was nothing but a huge field off to the east.
And this second picture is a sunset over Georgia. Ah, Georgia. You know we only spent a short time there but I really loved it there. We had a decent sized home but the amazing part was it was on over 3 acres. There was even a barn in the backyard. Granted we never went inside of it but still it was cool. And the greenery, so much greenery surrounding you, you couldn’t help but feel relaxed in such beautiful scenery. And of course the backyard faced west, prime for sunsets.
Have a sunrise and/or sunset picture you want to share? I would love to see it. Please link up below so I can come and share the love.

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