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Such a girl

My daughter is such a girly girl when it comes to clothes and accessories such as hair things, shoes, purses, necklaces, ect. I love it, but it’s so cute because she is also a tomboy. She loves to get dirty and she has an obsession with all things cars, motorcycles and trucks. Every day she hoards ALL the hotwheels we have in the house and fights with her brothers for them. Then she lines them up all in a row and oh my goodness, it is the end of the world if anyone touches them or gets them out of line. I think it’s adorable. Yesterday I bought her a new skirt that she couldn’t wait to try on! So as soon as we got home she stripped and put in on so I just had to take her outside for some pictures.

I am so excited to get my camera back. I sent it in for repairs and using my p & s get’s me by but the pictures just aren’t the same. I’m really bummed the second one came out very pixelated but I still think she looks adorable 🙂

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