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Stream of Consciousness Sunday-Randomness

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It’s time for Stream of Consciousness Sunday hosted by All things Fadra
Dude my youngest who is three has been in underwear all day & hasn’t had an accident once! :::knock on wood::: Do you know how much money we would save just by cutting out day time diapers??? Right now he is in diapers 24/7, my daughter is in diapers at night and my oldest is in pull ups at night. We spend 40 bucks on diapers and those last about 3-4 weeks. Pull ups are 20 bucks and those last a month. So that at least 60 dollars a month we could be saving. Color me excited.
On another note my parents will be flying out next month for a visit. My mom has been out here once already but my Dad has not. I am so excited for them to be here. I know my kids miss him and he misses them more then he will ever admit but once they see each other it will be awesome. Although I am a tad worried at what were going to do once they’re here because my Dad is not the sit around and relax/do nothing kind of person. Oh well I know it will all work out. 
I have also come to the realization I am in a cooking rut. I only cook chicken and finding new ways to make chicken every single night is a tad boring. Okay not just a tad, it is extremely boring at times. Anyone have any tried and true recipes they would like to share? I’d love to hear/see them. I did make a dish of Ree Drummonds the other day. To say it was good would be a serious understatement. It was the friggin BOMB. Saved that to the recipe memory bank of family faves. I love finding recipes that everyone enjoys. 
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