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Schools out for summer!

And yes I am singing it like Alice Cooper because I am that excited! 
This last month has been crazy busy. With my youngests birthday party, my oldests field trip, then his school performance, his last day of school annnnnd my husbands last day of school, of course filed with finals that he stressed hard core about. Not even going to count how many times my kids have been sick this month. I am so glad to be saying/singing good bye to the 2010/2011 school year. Peace out. Thank you for the memories but seriously summer 2011 BRING.IT.ON!
Little mans last day of school. I am proud Mommy  
And on a random side note I have decided that when we move I will be doing a garden at our new place. I’ve never had a garden and my “green” thumb is more of a brownish, reddish, I will kill you soon enough thumb. So wish us luck because we/I really need it.
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