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Here we are, Saturday, Steve’s last day off before he goes back to work and I am completely bored! He was gone most of the day yesterday helping his cousin move and Thursday, well isn’t that sad I can’t remember that far back! I remember what we had for dinner but not during the day. I made Amanda’s Baked Chicken recipe and it was so good. Can’t wait to make it again.
See I did it again. I started writing this at 9am this morning and here I sit, 10:40 pm finishing it. Hey at least I remembered 😉
We went over to my parents today so Steve could clean their pool and we could spend time with them. As always we had a good time. Dinner was yummy, bbq chicken with baked beans and broccoli. But my poor little Samantha. She has been running a low grade fever all day. 100.2 is what it stayed at but while we were at my parents I could feel she was a little warmer. Not much but she was at 101. So I gave her some tylenol and put her down to bed. You could tell she wasn’t feeling well today. She was mommy attached and had tired eyes all day. I feel so sad for my babies when they’re sick but I love all the cuddle time I get with them. Hopefully she will be feeling better tomorrow.
Jr is staying the night at my parents. He LOVES staying there. He’s like a kid in a candy store when you tell him he’s staying there. He gets so happy. I love that he is so close with my parents. The boy is pure energy and he has a chance to run off some of that energy over there that he can’t here since we don’t have a yard.
Shawn is just the happiest little man. When we first got to my parents I went into the kitchen to get the chicken marinating since my mom wasn’t home and for a good two minutes he just sat there farting and smiling. It was so funny. You can already see his little personality shining through. He loves watching Sam and Jr play and just seeing them makes them happy. I LOVE it.
I never thought I would say I’m happy we wont be having any more babies but I am finally at peace with it now. I am so in love with my family. They are perfect. Everything about them is amazing to me. Our family of five is complete and now we get to sit back and enjoy our lives as a family.

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