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Samanthas first dance class

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My sister called me last week and told me she had a coupon for one free dance class at the place she takes her daughter to. She asked if I would be interested in taking Samantha. Like I would ever say no to that LOL
I was keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Sam has never been to daycare or out of my care unless it’s with family, and even then it’s not for that long. She has been talking about the class since yesterday saying how excited she is and that she can’t wait to be with Marisa (my niece). She was like this until they closed the door of the studio. I heard a little whimper but not again for about 5 minutes. And then I heard her crying. Not screaming though or they would have brought her out to me. The teacher came out about 10 minutes later and asked who the mom was of the pretty little blond all in pink. I raised my hand and smiled and said “you mean the one crying, that would be me” LOL. She said she was doing fine until one of the girls accidentally hit her in the eye while they were spinning in circles. She asked if she could keep her in there since she seemed to like her and I said sure, no problem. For the rest of the class I would hear her off and on crying/whimpering. Not once though did she let out a real cry so I knew she would be ok. It was cute watching her from the TV’s they had set up, the teacher held her hand a lot and had her sitting in her lap. I thought that was very sweet of her to try and make her comfortable.
I told my mom I just knew what Sam’s reaction would be when she was done with class. She was going to say she had fun and wanted to come back. Sure enough that was her exact response. Classes are $480 a year if you pay monthly or $420 if you pay in full. That’s a pretty penny for us to drop on something plus you have to pay $60 for recital dresses so I’m not sure we will proceed to register her there.
Since it was a closed room I didn’t get but a few pictures. I was very bummed about that. But they did have a big window I could see her from outside. So here’s my baby girl all dressed up for her dance class.

Before class, happy as can be 🙂
She pretty much didn’t move from this spot the entire time
A shot from outside looking in the window, I had to barely peek my head over so she didn’t see me and completely loose it
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  • Janessa

    She is sooo cute! It’s too bad she didn’t really get to enjoy herself because of the “injury”. 🙂 Poor little thing.

  • nike red blazers

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