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Princess pampering

I always knew I would have a little girl and I couldn’t wait to do all the girly things with her. I wasn’t the girliest girl growing up, sure I loved my barbies and Strawberry shortcake but I wasn’t one for makeup and dresses and all the frilly stuff so I couldn’t wait to do that with my own little girl.
Samantha is such the little princess and boy does she know it. She just has to bat her little eyes and Daddy, Papa and Aunt Tia just give into her every little need lol This morning while Jr was at school and Shawn was napping I did Samantha’s hair and painted her finger nails and toe nails. She had a perma smile on the whole time. It’s nice everyone in a while to get some one on one quality time with each kid.
Here’s a few pics of my princess getting pampered.

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