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(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

Last night we had an amazing storm. Well more like two storms. If you want to be technical we had two cells move in that produced hail, rain, thunder and lightening. In other words, it was AWESOME! I have never seen weather like that out here in the desert of California. In TX and GA well yeah but not here. It made me miss living in the south and very excited to move back next year.
Yes I am one of those nuts who loves the crazy weather and I just happened to be married to a nut who loves it too. He loves it so much in fact that he is going to school for meteorological science. So while it was hailing and pouring down rain and lightening was striking every two seconds we were outside enjoying it and I was standing out in the rain camera in hand. Ahhhh I miss my dslr so much. It would have been perfect to shoot with it instead of my p&s but I will take what I can get because I did get some good shots.
And now onto the wordless part.

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