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Making holiday shopping easier with Kmart layaway

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This is a sponsored post, I am a Kmart Layaway blogger, though all opinions are my own.

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Would you believe that I have never actually used layaway? Yeah, sad isn’t it. I have always wanted to use a layaway program and this year I plan to take full advantage with Kmarts free layaway. For me it’s kind of like going on a shopping spree for free. Okay not really free free but being able to make payments and having no service fees associated with Kmarts layaway is a HUGE help for a single family income. Another thing I love and I think is genius is that their layaway program is not just during the holidays but year round! So you can start your holiday shopping or birthday shopping at any time during the year. Here is a brief breakdown on what Kmart layaway offers versus some other major retailers.

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Another benefit is being able to shop from home. I know many of you might not think this is a huge deal but being a stay at home Mom to three children does has it’s disadvantages when it comes to shopping for gifts. It’s rare when I get a chance to go out with out my kiddos so given the chance to shop online or in the store I will choose online. It’s not just for the conienance either. My kids, bless their little hearts but they don’t know how to keep a secret and I don’t want any surprise ruined for any of them by someone saying “ohhhhh Mommy and Daddy got you a _________” for Christmas!” Yes it has happened and I have since learned my lesson on shopping for holiday gifts with my little ones.

I’ve been browsing their layaway and have already found a few…okay a lot of things that I would love to get my kids this year.

My kids would absolutely flip over this playset. Not only would it look great in the yard but it would provide hours of fun for the kids.

My daughter has been asking for a Monster High Doll ever since they first came out.

My youngest is all boy and loves all things Lego, he has been known to steal his big brothers Legos as soon as my oldest turns his back so this would be perfect for him.

And my oldest while he is also a lover of Legos he is also a lover of airplanes and has been hinting about wanting a remote control airplane. I think this one would be a great starter for him to take to our local remote control airplane strip.


As if we would need another reason to go check out Kmart and their layaway program, right now they have a fabulous giveaway kick off this years holiday season. Kmart’s Big Layaway Giveaway. There will be one winner, every every week from every store who will win their remaining balance of their layaway cart being paid off. Yes you read that right, they will pay the balance on your layaway cart! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Kmarts free layaway and start your holiday shopping!

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