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It’s too quiet in here

Being a mom you know when the kids are young quiet means primarily three things.

1.  They fell asleep.
2.  They are playing nicely
3. They are getting into everything but doing it quietly so you have no idea until you realize, wait a minute it’s awfully quiet. What are they doing in there?

So when I go to get the kids ready for bed and I don’t see my daughter sitting where she was five minutes ago playing with her dolls I automatically think, oh no, please don’t let it be a number three night. Thankfully it wasn’t and I am even more thankful that she has pretty much outgrown that phase. But worry sets in next. Where did she go???? Not in her room, not in my room, not in the bathroom. Hmmm not under the kitchen table (yes she has been known to hide under there). WHERE could she be?


I couldn’t help but laugh because my first thought was it’s like looking for Where’s Waldo. Can you see my daughter hidden in this picture in a room full of toys.


How about there? Yes that little blond thing curled up in a ball would be my baby girl. I love it when she falls asleep in random places and in the middle of playing with her barbies. I mean how cute is that.


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