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Instagram now available for Androids

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Have you heard the great news??? Instagram is now available for Android based phones. If you aren’t excited you should be. I may or may not have jumped up and down with glee with I heard the news. Yes I am a dork but I love taking photos and Instagram is my favorite smartphone photo app. So naturally I downloaded it immediately.

Instagram allows you to either choose from your existing photos or to snap one directly while using the app. After you have your photo chosen you can then edit it with the
And don’t worry, there are social options for you to share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and even Foursquare. There’s also talks that sharing to Flickr is in the works. When you connect your social account’s it’s easy to follow all of your friends. You can comment on peoples photos and like the photo by taping the little heart or by double taping the photo. Changing to the different edit options seems to be running a little slow but I’m sure as time goes on the little quirks will be resolved.

I have heard some mixed reviews from users using this app but I myself have not experienced any problems. I have every option available while on the Droid as I did on my old iPhone. So in short, if you love sharing photos and haven’t tried out Instgram!

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