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I am not perfect

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Despite popular belief I am not perfect (come on, go ahead, laugh, you know you want to. I am). In fact I am far from perfect. This is not a whoa is me post. This is a recognizing my faults and idiosyncrasies that make me me.
So here we go.
-I am a procrastinator
-I bite my cuticles
-I pick my nails
-I grind my teeth in my sleep
-I bite my lips and cheeks when I am nervous
-I am an emotional eater
-I have my clean laundry basket filled and over flowing with clean clothes to fold
-I have clothes in the dryer that need to be folded
-I let dishes pile in my sink
-My house needs to be vacuumed
-The kids trashed their room and it hasn’t been cleaned up yet
-I have a habit of turning my phone on vibrate and missing all my calls
-I do not like to leave voicemails
-I love sweets, and carbs, and well all food
-In fact I may or may not have a package of oreos hiding in my pantry.
-I hide stuff from myself so I forget I have it that way I don’t eat it all in one sitting
-I am terrified of death
-I come from mixed religions
-I pray but I am not Christian nor am I Jewish, I find religion fascinating just haven’t decided which side of the fence I am on
-I give great advice but don’t practice what I preach
-I have lost a lot of my patience
-I give up too easily (I am getting better at that though)
-I get so sucked into a book that everything around me kind of fades off, not always a bad thing but being a stay at home mom it’s not best to read during the day
-I don’t take care of myself as far as making regular checkups. That goes hand in hand with the procrastination but that is also something I am working on
-I am a walking stress ball
-I stress over the small things
-I have a semi webbed toe but I was not born with it
-One of my small toe nails grows a new nail every few years ever since I cut the tip of my toe off when I was younger
-I have a lazy eye but I might be the only one who notices it and only in pictures
-I don’t particularly care for my smile
-I have eczema (it sucks when the weather changes)
-I have allergies
-I haven’t been able to breath out of my left nostril for two years now
-I have a temper
-I wish I didn’t have a temper, I never used to and it drives me nuts that I do now
-I cry at certain songs, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole-Somewhere Over the Rainbow gets me in tears every time I hear it
There you have it. This is me. I am comfortable with myself. Everyone has things the don’t like about themselves but I am done looking down at myself because I am not perfect. Because you know what, no one is perfect. That’s the wonderful thing about being human. No one is ever perfect and we all have things we don’t like or would like to change. All of the things I listed off a part of what makes me me and you know what….I love me!

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