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I am no fashionista

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Anyone can tell just by looking in my closet or at the clothes I am currently wearing, although I do love my Old Navy pajamas.  My “sense of style” isn’t horrible but I do go for the more comfortable clothes as opposed to the cute, stylish, and a little more pricey options. But that still doesn’t mean I don’t drool wish like some seriously cute clothes.
Cupcake Special Occasion Damask Full Skirt
The Original Vamp Dress
The “It Girl” Dress
Erin Wiggle Dress
I am trying to think of excuses completely justified reasons for me to get that cupcake dress. And that Erin Wiggle Dress is seriously to die for.
Now what fun is dress shopping if you aren’t going to at least look at some shoes. If you can’t tell by now I like a little bit of the retro look. One of the things I love about retro looks coming back is you can easily add in some personal touches to outfits especially with shoes. You can go completely outrageous shoes and still pull off a fabulous outfit.
Here are some shoes that I love.

Black with Burgundy Vampire Mary Janes

STOKKER by Steve Madden
BOSSIEE by Steve Madden

 Now all I need to do is learn how to properly walk in heels and not fall and break an ankle and I would be golden. And just because I don’t know how to properly walk in heels doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the beauty that is called the heel.
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