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Hunny Do List

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I hear all the time from friends and family that they (the wives) make Hunny do lists. I’ve never done one before because I’ve always thought they were a tad silly, why make a list when you can just do it right then and there! But with our taxes coming in soon and our rental falling apart the list of things I would like fixed has gotten quite long. Well long in my opinion LOL So I decided what they heck, I may as well make a list. Here’s what I have so far:

1. Replace doorknobs on doors
a. Kitchen door
b. Kids bathroom door
c. Master bathroom door
d. Living room door

2. Replace track wheels on the glass slider

3. Replace broken tiles in kitchen and bar area

4. Repair washing “room” closet doors

5. Rent carpet cleaner

Here’s a picture of the broken tiles.

The bar area
Over the dishwasher

What upsets me about repairing these is that they have already been repaired by the prior tenant yet they have fallen off again. The one on the bar area has already cut both Steve and I. This condo was built in the late 70’2 or early 80’s. I’m thinking more 70’s due to the puke green appliances and matching linoleum on the floors LOL I can totally understand not really wanting to put a lot of money into a rental, especially if you live out of the country but in my opinion there comes a time when it is necessary and when tiles that have been repaired many times keep breaking and are now a hazard, that would be the time if any to put some money into your rental and replace the counter tops. Again, just my honest opinion LOL

Look at me, I’ve gone off track of my original reason for this post. Okay back to hunny do lists. I’m thinking the list I have is good for right now, I’m sure as time goes on I will think of more. Since this is my first time making one of these I’m wondering I’m I the odd ball out that has never made one of these or am I not alone in feeling these were silly.

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