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Having boys

I watched my friend Genas momtv show today and one of her topics was raising her girls to be confident and happy with themselves and how the media and people in general today can make that hard. I am in complete agreiance with that. It worries me what my daughter might struggle with in her teen years. Appearance wasn’t the highest thing on my priority list growing up, heck I wore holed jeans and my boyfriends t-shirts LOL I was more into the grunge thing then the preppy gotta spend hours on my hair and makeup faze. But I know times are changing and that’s what worries me. I’m not only worried about my daughter but for my sons to. Boys get scrutinized just as much as girls, maybe not in the same way but they are pressured to be cool and do the “right” things and do things that are “cool”. They also pick up how a woman should be treated and not be treated just as girls learn how they should be treated.
I strive to be the best mother to my kids, keep my cool during stressful situations and answers all the questions my curious little one’s ask me. But I can only do so much, I have to trust that I have instilled the right values in my children and they will make the best decisions for themselves.