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Green Works® Kids Gear Swap House Party

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On April 10, 2010 @ 2:00 pm I will be hosting a Green Works® Kids Gear Swap House Party. It might help if I explained what exactly this is all about huh. allows you the opportunity to apply to host parties at your house sponsored by companies such as Pull-Ups, Digorno, Oscar Meyer, etc. They send you supplies to help get your party started and they have a web site for you to do all of your party planning, including sending out the invitations, sharing party ideas with other houseparty hosts.
I was among some of the lucky one’s who was approved to host the Green Works® Kids Gear Swap House Party. I am very excited about this opportunity because not only do I get to invite all my friends and family for a fun gathering but we also are getting an opportunity to bring all of their unused and old children clothing and other items that they are no longer in need of (you know like the tons of boxes I have sitting in storage FULL of clothes and toys we haven’t used in I don’t know, ummm three years). It’s a way to clean out clutter and since it is sponsored by Green Works they will also be provided ideas of how to live a Greener life by using natural cleansing products and reducing your carbon footprint.
Now to the point of my post. I would like to invite all you local peeps (Lancaster, CA) to come on over and join us for my party. If you would like to come please contact me via email and I will send you an invitation. As mentioned above the party will be on April 10th @ 2:00pm.
If you aren’t local or can’t make it to the party you can have your own clothing swap with your local friends and family. Make it a fun day for everyone!
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