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Getting creative

I am not the most creative person out there so when Samantha got a jewelry kit for her birthday I was just as excited as she was when she opened it. Um why was I excited when I am clearly not the creative type, well because you can’t go wrong with making beaded bracelets and necklaces!
So while Shawn napped earlier I pulled out the little kit and we got to work. Jr saw what were were doing and immediately ran over asking to make some too. My kids are very creative and I try to let them express it in a way I can so those of you who scoff at a boy making bracelets and necklaces can leave.
Now onto the best part, the pictures.

The goodies! Accidentally took a picture of the instructions in another language LOL

Let the fun begin

Jr man showing me his completed bracelet

I love how she just completely dives in to any projects she does

Showing me her finished bracelet

My happy little man 🙂

And of course I had to join in the fun and make myself a bracelet. I will call it pretty and I shall wear my pretty every day

As I was putting away the beads Shawn woke up and came running out heading straight for them. Perfect timing on our part.

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