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Crazy weather

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Well some would say it’s crazy weather but I just think it’s awesome. I am a California born and raised girl but for a brief few years we moved around a lot. In 2003 we moved to Texas, lived there for a year and ended up moving back to California. Not by choice, they closed down my husbands work station. We stayed in California for about two years and then moved to Colorado. We only lived there for about 5 months and then packed up and left for Georgia. Again we were only there for about 5 months. By this time our family had grown from just Steve and I to Jr and little Samantha. When we found out I was pregnant again we moved back to be closer to family. Crazy, yes I know LOL
So the reason I mention all the moving is because I got to experience many different types of weather. In Texas we had a tornado in the next town over, same with Colorado. We got to experience amazing thunder storms in Texas and Georgia. And I got to experience snow (yay) In Colorado and a little bit in Texas. Seeing as I’ve experienced these different types of weather it always gives me a good laugh when it rains here in California. And how they refer to it as “storm watch 2010”. If they only knew what a real storm was LOL
So I am siting back and loving all this rain and I’m excited for more next week!

Georgia (Do you know how many tries it took to capture this lol)
Colorado (I took this pic because the sky was so green)
Colorado (Jr’s first time in real snow)
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