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Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday: Last hurrah!

Since the kiddos start school in exactly a week I figured what the heck, lets do at least one trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo. And as luck would have it, it was Way Back Wednesday so it cost me under five bucks to get in…score!





While we were only there a few hours it was still a blasty blast. I can’t get enough of my babies.



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Wordless Wednesday: Enjoying Tulsa

Now that I’ve lived in a small town for three years it’s funny to me how I get surprised by the little things when I go to a big city. Being a Cali girl I should be used to it but I guess this small town living has grown on me a bit. This last weekend I visited Tulsa and went on a beautiful walk along the river and despite the insane humidity I was completely relaxed and just….happy.

Tulsa 1

Tulsa 2

Tulsa 4


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Wordless Wednesday: Garden of the Gods

My husband has been away for work for a little while so last week the kids and I took a quick trip to Colorado to visit him. In between the sickies invading our home hotel we managed to sneak out for a day and explore. I had never heard of Garden of the Gods before but it was recommended by some coworkers of my husband so off we went. And wow. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend taking a trip and making a day of it.

Garden of the Gods


My daughter was being a little camera shy so I ended up with more shots of the boys but I was able to grab this great shot of our three babies all together!





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Wordless Wednesday: Sunrise Sunset

If you haven’t flown anywhere recently you may not know that you can now leave your electronic devices on while traveling via airplane. That means taking photos of sunrises and sunsets from 10,000 in the air is a lot easier then sneaking them. Not that I’ve ever done that before, nope. So when my family and I did a quick trip up North for Thanksgiving I snagged a few pictures on take off and landing.

OKC airportLeaving good ole Oklahoma City

SFO sunriseHello Golden State (almost to OAK)

Home sunsetAnd just because I couldn’t resist throwing this photo in, this was the sunset that welcomed us home to Friday evening.


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Wordless Wednesday: My Big 7 Year Old

Tomorrow my baby girl turns seven. SEVEN. I can’t believe how fast these years have flown by. I swear just yesterday I was feeling her reluctantly move in my tummy, drinking lots of orange juice, eating sugar and eating spicy just to get her stubborn bum to give a little kick. She hasn’t changed. She is still just as stubborn, if not more but she is my stubborn little girl. My tender hearted, sweet, loving, giggling baby girl.






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Wordless Wednesday-Large African Wild Dog

I have never seen a Lycaon (African wild dog) until the other week when we went to the Zoo for my daughters field trip and dude let me tell you….they really are quite large, a little intimating yet they have a cute puppy quality that make you say awww. But not cute enough to want to pet cause yeah, they are wild animals and hello, did you see how big it’s paws are? Oh probably not seeing as I cut it off the photo, ugh. I’ll just say they were big. It was the first thing I noticed when we saw this one.


See, it’s kind of cute isn’t it!

IMG_0945 copy

Not sure, is this a I want to play look or an I want to eat you look?


See, it’s a playful “little” puppy! 





First Day of School

First day of school! Wake up! Come on. First day of school!! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself from a little Finding Nemo quote, especially since this was pretty much how our first day went. I had my alarm set for 5am and the kiddos came running in at 4:54am telling me to get up! Darn them for not letting me get those last six minutes of sleep.

To say the kids were excited would be an understatement. There was no nervousness and no worries, just pure excitement. The first day of school is always so magical and I will never tire of seeing my babies excitement over learning. Enough rambling and onto the good stuff….the photos.

I still can’t believe my baby, my first born is in 4th grade!
Or that my baby girl is in 1st!
I especially can’t believe my last born is in Kindergarten

Three kids, all in school, full day and it’s still so surreal to me. I knew this day was coming, I’ve been gleefully excited about it and now that it’s here I’m a wee bit sad. My babies are growing up so fast and it’s wonderful and sad at the same time.


Wordless Wednesday-This kid

This kid, I LOVE him. I could just leave it simply at that, but I just have to add that this kid is my world. He’s one of the most amazing little dudes I know. He has the personality like no other, a laugh that is contagious to all, a smile that is all trouble, and he gives the best cuddles. I love this kid!

Quick explanation….I woke up to find both the kid and the dog had snuck into my bed some time during the night. The first pic you can only see his bum sticking out from under the pillow. This adorable swollen eyed smiley face, I get to see it every morning. It hasn’t changed in five years, he always waked up just like this.


Wordless Wednesday – A day at Belmar

Last week I had the honor to go on the first ever Social Good retreat, Jersey Love where I got to meet the most amazing women. I could gush all day about how much I love them, that’s how amazing everyone was. But the one thing that hit me the most was visiting Belmar. As soon as I stepped out of the car it was as if I got hit in the face by a brick wall of amazing. The smell from the ocean was an instant flash back for me and it smelled absolutely wonderful. I almost broke down into tears just from the smell alone. But then I walked off alone to put my feet in the water and it was as if every thing just rushed away. I felt….home.

If you didn’t know the Belmar boardwalk was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. In seven short months
the town has rebuilt all 1.3 miles of it destroyed boardwalk. 

A few weeks ago at a ceremony for the efforts made towards the shore Mayor Matt Doherty said “We promised that a new boardwalk would be built in time for Memorial Day, and today I can proudly say we have delivered.” And delivered they have! Not only is the boardwalk new and beautiful but they have playgrounds along the beach for the children as well as plans to add showers for easier clean up after spending the day at the beach. If you’ve ever gone to the beach you know how huge it is to have a shower for a quick rinse off before heading home. 

Look ma I see a surfer out in the distance. Can you spot him?

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These ladies rocked the waves!

Be sure to check out the links below from other lovely ladies that attended this amazing trip. Thank you again to Caesars Atlantic City, D6 Surf Skimmers & D’Jais for everything! You guys are truly amazing.