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Celebrating Thanksgiving with Friends #UdisFriendsgiving

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Udi’s


Thanksgiving is not just a time for family but also a time with friends. Friends are just as important to me as some family members. Since moving to Oklahoma I’ve had to make new friends and I’ll be honest, it was not easy. Probably because I am picky LOL but I don’t make friends as easily as I used to when I was younger. But the one’s I do make mean the world to me. and I am thankful for each and every one of them. When Udi’s asked if we celebrated Friendsgiving I figured hey, what better time to show my appreciation for my friends than celebrating Friendsgiving!

One thing we are trying in our journey to eating healthier is trying more and more gluten free items. My husband may not be aware of this fact but I doubt he take issue with it. We’ve also tossed up going vegetarian which is funny considering I decided to throw out tradition this year and break the mold in our Thanksgiving celebrations.

The menu consisted of:

Meatloaf  (hence my early laughter at the mention of going vegetarian)

Roasted asparagus

Rice Pilaf

UDI’s Harvest Crunch Muffins

Decoy Wine (delish)

We also snacked on some fresh vegetables and UDI’s Whole Grain Bread topped with home made bruchetta (extra basil for us).

I am actually quite proud because I am not the best party planner. Actually I don’t plan, I do things last minute and I have never actually decorated a table. Considering all of that I think every thing came together surprisingly well. 


The kids tend to be a wee bit picky at times so in addition to the scrumptious meal above I made a separate meal for them just in case they didn’t like what was served. I may or may not have made entirely too much food but on the positive leftovers were the bomb!

My mac n cheese may not have been gourmet because it was an after thought but it was mighty tasty. I mixed in some cream cheese and sharp cheddar and cut back on the milk and was left with this really creamy goodness. The kids devoured all of their food and even had helpings of meatloaf. Success would be an understatement.



Since moving here two years ago I now know of three stores close to us that carry Udi’s products which makes me a very happy gal since I couldn’t find Udi’s anywhere when we first came here. To find out what stores Udi’s is carried in near you check out their product locator here.

Thank you to Udi’s for providing supplies and inspiration for our fabulous Friendsgiving meal!





BLT Grilled Cheese Recipe

Did you know that April is National Grilled Cheese Month? If not for shame! An entire month dedicated to the wonderful ooey gooey goodness that we call the grilled cheese. Yum. The best thing about a grilled cheese is that the possibilities are literally endless. Today I was craving something gooey and I wanted bacon with it. What else could I do but make a BLT Grilled Cheese.

BLT Grilled Cheese Recipe


  • Two pieces of Udi’s Millet Chia bread
  • Two slices of Gouda
  • One slice of Sharp Cheddar
  • Tomato
  • Spring Greens 
  • Two pieces of Turkey Bacon
  • Butter


  • Cook your two pieces of turkey bacon to the desired crispness and set aside
  • Butter both sides of the bread and place in a pan over medium/low heat. 
  • Place cheese on each slice of bread (I do both at the same time that way you aren’t waiting on a piece of bread to get cooked while the other gets cold)
  • Allow the cheese to melt and the bread to become nice and golden brown
  • Remove from heat and start your layering with the Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato
  • Close your sandwich and bite into the crispy gooey goodness

The fact that you can satisfy two cravings in one with this sandwich makes it a winner in my book, I mean honestly folks anything with bacon is going to be awesome. But what I love is that you aren’t killing yourself with fat here because it’s Turkey Bacon and you do have some veggies so it’s a well rounded meal. At least that’s what I told myself as I scarfed this bad boy down.

Thank you to Udi’s for sending me product in order to facilitate this posts. I couldn’t have made such an amazing grilled cheese with any regular ole bread.


It’s Grilled Cheese Month

Did you know that the month of April is Grilled Cheese month? I didn’t either until recently. Maybe that explains why my youngest has been requesting a grilled cheese almost everyday this week. My other two aren’t big fans of grilled cheese but my youngest, well he loves it. To be honest I haven’t had a grilled cheese in ages. Last time I think was before I had kids. Such a same considering I am a huge cheese lover.

My favorite thing to eat with grilled cheese is some tomato soup, I especially love dunking my sandwich into the soup. But alas I have no tomato soup. I made two versions of grilled cheese this week. The classic and then my own simple yet full of flavor version.

Each version starts the same way, with buttering your bread (for the classic I used the Millet Chia bread from Udi’s).

Next brown the bread with your cheese on so it can start melting into it’s ooey gooey goodness. Once it’s to your desired brownness put the other piece of buttered bread in and flip the already browned piece and place on top of the piece you just put in.

A lot people tend to cook it on a high flame with will get you browned results faster but you also risk burning your bread while waiting for the cheese to melt. Try next time cooking on a medium heat, it will take a little bit longer to brown but you won’t end up with burnt bread.

The ends result. Not too crispy, not too browned, just perfect.

Oh look at all that cheesy goodness.

Now for my version I used the Omega Flax & Fiber bread from Udi’s. Same basic instructions as the classic version but with this one I used a slightly bigger pan so I could cook up some a lot of sliced red onions and both pieces of bread all at the same time. When the onions were all  done I placed them on the piece of bread with the cheese on it, then I topped it with a handful of baby spring mix and then placed the remaining piece of bread on top.

The final result was mouth watering. The combo of sharp cheese, extra sharp cheese along with the onions and lettuce was amazing. I added this to my favorite recipe list.

I was provided samples from Udi’s and coupons from Horizon Organic to facilitate these recipes. No monetary exchange was made. All opinions expressed therein are my own.