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Tuesday Tunes-Cradle of Filth

Cradle of Filth is I guess what you would call an extreme goth metal band. They’re from England and  formed in 1991. Side note…why are all the insanely awesome metal bands not from the US? I mean cool for them but sucky for us Americans who want to see them play.

When I first heard of Cradle of Filth I couldn’t tell you but I do remember the very first song I heard by them…Hallowed be thy name which incidentally is a cover of another awesome band, Iron Maidens. How apropos of them to cover one of their songs seeing as they were a big influence on the members of Cradle of Filth and I do love me some Iron Maiden.

Before watching these videos make sure there are no children around, secondly if you are easily offended by the crude and naughty and slightly disturbing behavior just skip this whole post. If you are slightly interested in hearing what they sound like but don’t want to watch then by all means, press play but don’t look. If you don’t care then enjoy my friends.

There is no official video and the others were all animated (blah) so enjoy watching some (silent) Underworld while listening.

The second Cradle of Filth song I heard was From the Cradle to Enslave. 

I was sharing a few of their songs on Facebook earlier this morning as I was listening to them and of all people to comment my Mom did. And I totally laughed at her comments. “I was good with this until he started singing” naturally I had to share more and push the envelope so I shared Lilith Immaculate. Her response “What the hell was that??? You can’t possibly call Lilith Immaculate a song!” ROFL. Yeah I know they may not be everyone’s cup o tea but the “nice” side of me loves to play Cradle of Filth during Halloween night just to scare the bejeebus out of people haha, hush don’t judge me, I have a twisted sense of humor. 

So if you listened to either of the videos, what did you think?

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Tuesday Tunes-Avatar…the band not the movie

So I discovered a new band this morning. I love when that happens because then I spend the next few hours reading about and listening to their songs. This morning it was Avatar. I may just be addicted to them. I can’t stop listening to them. In reading about them I quickly discovered they are from Sweden. This seems to be a common thread with all of the music I have recently discovered. Metal + Swedish. What can I say….they know how to do it out there. Not only is their music awesome but ::::cough cough:::: the bassist is a mighty fine specimen to boot.

So the song I heard on the radio was called Smells Like a Freak Show and I dare you not to like it. It’s catchy and one of those songs that (if you like Metal) pulls you in and doesn’t let you go, even when it’s done you want more.

They don’t have a traditional sound and I have to say that I LOVE it. I have listened to I think all of their songs now and I have picked two favorites. Okay three but I’ll just share my top two so I am not overwhelming you with my love of metal. The first one is the song above, smells like a freak show and my next one is called Torn Apart. Actually if we go in order of favorites I would put this one as number one. 

Now I have a ton of things to do and I have spent enough time listing to all of their songs….no I lie, I am going to listen to some more while I finish up some work and clean the house.

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Tuesday Tunes-One Republic

So I was late in the game of finding out about One Republi, I only discovered them about a year or so ago. I know I know, you’d think I was living under a rock or something but I very rarely listen to the radio when I am at home so the most exposure I get is when I am either taking the kids to school or running errands. Getting off track here….One Republic. I have posted about them before but with the new album coming out in March and such great songs, I couldn’t resist sharing one of their songs again.

Feel Again I am sure you have heard on the radio. If you haven’t heard it well then take a listen! There is just something about Ryan Tedders voice that just…soothes you. And it’s not just his voice but the actual music as well. It’s like peas and a pod. That group was made for each other.

I want to share more but I don’t think I would be able to stop myself from sharing most if not all of their songs and I am not sure you all like me enough to sit here for hours upon hours. So instead I leave you with a question. What is your favorite One Republic song?

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Tuesday Tunes-It’s Back!

I am so excited, the awesomeness that is Amanda (High Impact Mom) has brought back Tuesday Tunes. Oh yeah, that’s right Tuesday Tunes is officially back yo! If you’ve never participated in Tuesday Tunes before be sure to hop on over to Amanda’s site and check out how to participate. It’s simple and fun and who doesn’t love being introduced to new types of music.

Has anyone noticed the increased popularity of dance types of music? I don’t listen to the radio often because I usually only get the chance to when I am in the car…which isn’t all that often but even I have noticed. Not that I am complaining, honestly I love it! But I have noticed that a lot more artists are doing it. And you will never catch me repeating these words, but there is one specific song that I am really loving right now….and it has Britney Spears in it :::GASP::: Yes you read that right I like a Britney Spears song. No I am not hanging my head in shame, instead I am laughing. She may not be my typical cup of tea but you can’t deny she still knows how to kick some ass. 

I am not sure which version I like better, the original with and Britney or the remix done by Reidiculous. If you haven’t heard of Reidiculous before and love music that’s awesome to dance to you NEED to check him out! Seriously the guy is amazing.

Now if you’ll excuse me I am off to go work dance by myself and do some housework but I want to know which version do you like better?

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Tuesday Tunes-Soundgarden

I don’t know if I mentioned before that I am a fan of Soundgarden. If I haven’t I don’t know why. I remember being in High School listening to Soundgarden while hanging out with friends doing things I wont mention in case my kids one day read this. Yes I was a wee bit wild in my youth. I love that I can hear a band now and it instantly brings me back. Some more so then others. Soundgarden happens to fall into the more so category.

I love that they are making a come back and with the song Live to Rise they’ve done a job well done with it. Although I don’t think they needed to do it by hooking up with The Avengers movie. I think they are awesome enough to just come out with a CD and bam be back. Although I can’t deny the smartness of the move and for those in the younger generation (omg I can’t believe I just typed that) to experience the greatness that is Soundgarden.

Anywho, enough rambling, onto the music!

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Tuesday Tunes-Songs to slow dance to

Well maybe you could have slow danced to these songs back in the 80’s at clubs such as The Roxy but probably not now. I have to admit I am a little bummed that this month is coming to an end because I have really enjoyed taking a look back and doing Amanda’s nostalgia theme. But alas all good things have to come to an end at some time right.

I have always been a big Duran Duran fan. There’s just something about their music that speaks to me. I can’t not listen to it. It doesn’t matter what song may come on the radio, if it’s a Duran Duran song I will not change the station. I know I mentioned my favorite song by them last week but I couldn’t just leave it there because there is another song by them that comes in as another favorite.

Keeping with the slow’ish rhythm I couldn’t pass up sharing Mad World by Gary Jules. Now I know it’s not the original and I may be slammed for saying what I am about to say but….I like this version better. Don’t get me wrong, the original by Tears for Fears is okay but I like the heart put into Gary Jules version. It’s more melodic which in my opinion is what makes it a heck of a lot better.

I included a link to both versions of Mad World. Now tell me which is your favorite?

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Tuesday Tunes-Growing up

It’s week three of Amanda’s nostalgia theme on Tuesday Tunes and today instead of keeping around my teen years I decided to go back a wee bit further. Just a wee bit though because :::cough cough::: I am still a youngin. I will not however be revealing the years because it should be easy enough to guess the time frame based on the music. I’m going to make you think while you listen to the music I have this week, I know I know so rude.

So here we go. Some of my favorite songs from when I was younger. These are should be in order by year.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, I Love Rock ‘n Roll

Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Culture Club, Karma Chameleon

A-Ha, Take On Me

I have always loved this video.

Duran Duran, Wild Boys

My all time favorite song by Duran Duran.

 Don’t forget to go visit Amanda and link up your Tuesday Tunes!

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Tuesday Tunes-The era of mixed tapes

Making a mixed tape is not something we hear very often anymore. Those days are long gone, which is a darn shame because seriously what better way to tell your girlfriend I have the hots for you then with a tape filled with songs about being sexy. The 90’s were an awesome time!

Continuing with Amandas nostalgia theme I dug through my nightstand and pulled out the tape my husband, then boyfriend made me back in 1997. It was the first mixed tape he made me and I promised him I would never loose it. Fifteen years later I still have it. I have made sure it stays in my nightstand so it would always be close. For someone who is notorious for loosing everything I think I’ve done pretty darn awesome that I still have it. Yay me.

So today I am sharing a few, some who am I kidding. I am sharing a lot of songs off the mixed tape that my husband made me many moons ago.

Side A Song #2: Think of Me by Good Riddance

Side A Song #7 Smile by Lagwagon

Side A Song #25 Hazardous to yourself by No Use for a Name

Side B Song #5 Skin Deep by Guns N Wankers

Side B Song #22 Gotta pull myself together by Hi-Standard

Side B Song #21 Andrea by MXPX

I will stop now so I don’t completely bombard you with my songs of the past. I really love going back and revisiting things of the past, music especially. It always brings up great memories for me. What songs bring back great memories for you?

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Tuesday Tunes-A blast from the past

This week in honor of the amazingly talented and all around awesome Amanda and her upcoming birthday I will be sharing some music from days passed. But first HAPPY early BIRTHDAY Amanda!!!!

I take you back 12-15 years ago, vision a bleach blond chick wearing holey jeans, inappropriate shirts, vans shoes, smoking, all around kick ass chick. That was me, at least I like to think I was kick ass. My music taste hasn’t changed much since the days of high school but the music has. Back then the teeny bop sensations were Britney Spears and N-Sync. :::Insert gag::: Unfortunately I had a younger sister who was very much into them so I was exposed to such atrocities but have no fear, I did not let it take me over. I kept my metal and rock playing loudly, just loud enough to piss off the parental figures and drive them slightly mad. Ahhhh fun times LOL.

One of my favorite bands way back when was Pantera. They are still a favorite of mine and I am always in the mood to hear a good Pantera song. A lot of songs bring back memories of me growing up. Ex boyfriends, parties, hanging out with friends, driving around….oh wait I didn’t have a radio in my car. I always get so excited when I hear a Pantera song on the radio. Mind you it’s not often and it’s usually only at night but it always brings a smile to my face. My absolute favorite song by them is Shedding Skin. The solo is just amazing. Trust me the louder you play this the better.

Now I wasn’t an all metal girl. I liked the grunge bands and others in that genre. One band that has a bad rep to it is Hole. You know the whole Courtney Love killed Kurt debacle so everyone hates Courtney and all that she has done. Meh….I don’t let it affect my judgement in music. If it’s good I say play it.  One of the reasons I loved Hole was because they weren’t your typical band that was afraid to touch the things they shouldn’t touch on. You want loud, you want inappropriate, raw, and of course some punk thrown into the mix well them Hole is your band.

Metallica. Yes I listened to them but I wasn’t one of those crazy people that thought they were the best band ever and the fathers of Heavy Metal. I argued back then that they weren’t and I will argue today the same thing. But still you have to appreciate the early Metallica. They were a great band.  I will not however argue what their greatest song was and I don’t have a favorite so I just chose at random the song that I am going to share.

And of course it wouldn’t be a flash back post without me mentioning Faith No More. A group I still listen to now, they never get old. I know that their most popular song is Epic and what a great song title because the song is Epic. It is my favorite by them and I don’t care what people say about Faith No More, they are a great band that was seriously underrated back in the day.

So there you have it. A glimpse of what I was like and what I listened to back in the day. Told you my taste hasn’t changed. If you’d like to participate in this weeks Tuesday Tunes how about joining Amanda in her birthday celebration and share some songs from your past.

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Tuesday Tunes-High Hopes

This week I am reminiscing a bit. I seem to be doing a lot of that lately. The other day while my family and I were driving I was looking out the window at all the greenery and for some reason the grass was greener popped into my head. I always do that. That one lyric just randomly pops into my head every other day or so. Okay maybe not that often but it is quite a bit. This time I said it out loud though and my husband looked at me like I was some nutcase. Not that I can blame him for thinking that though. Here’s how it went down;

Me: The grass is greener
Hubs: What?
Me: Dude don’t you know what song that is from?
Hubs: :::Insert look you give nutcases here:::
Me: Seriously? You don’t know? HOW could you not know? It’s only one of the best songs every done by Pink Floyd.
Hubs: Uh I have no idea what song you’re talking about
Me: Dude it’s that one, you know that one, the one that says the grass is greener!

Yeah, I don’t have the best memory so sometimes the name of a specific song will slip my head. This one though there is no excuse for it seeing as it is in my opinion the best song by Pink Floyd and my favorite song by them. And because we live in a wonderful technology filled era I didn’t have to wait until we got home to look it up, I just pulled it up on my phone and listened to it right then and there. Yay for technology.

I don’t care what generation you are from but EVERYONE, and I mean everyone knows who Pink Floyd is. Even my kids know who the band is and they’re just wee youngins. I believe in giving a child a wide variety of music to listen to so they can appreciate all types of music. So far it’s working because my oldests (8 yrs old) favorite band is Led Zepplin. How awesome is that! And on that note I will leave you with my favorite Pink Floyd song, High Hopes.

Do you have a favorite Pink Floyd song?

If you’d like to participate in Tuesday Tunes be sure to link up over at Amandas site High Impact Mom! You can also check out Rachel Ferrucci, The Morris Bunch & Rajean Bloomquist for more fun tunes.
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