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Can you say yummy

We went to my parents tonight to make my dad and sister dinner since my mom was gone. We try to go over there once a week to do a family dinner and just hang out and we can’t tomorrow so tonight it was. Of course we brought mahi mahi over. Steve usually cooks it blackened but was in the mood for something different so he said he thinks he’s going to try for something Italian tonight. OMG it was soooooooooooooo good! This man comes up with some good recipes off the top of his head. He marinated the fish in a little bit of garlic salt and olive oil. Then when he cooked it he seasoned it with some parsley and oregano. In a separate pan he had garlic onions and red bell peppers carmelizing and about ten minutes before those were done he added some white wine in. Poured the finished veggies over the fish. Cooked for another couples minutes and whala, and amazing dinner.